AND Stables
2817 White Crossing Rd.
Verona, WI 53593


Veronica Jean Raemisch

Late last summer Tango (my horse) and I were riding through a field; when we turned for home and Tango shot up into the air like a pogo stick. At that time I figured it was a one time ordeal until he did it again almost a week later. At that point I started treating Tango's rearing problem as a habit. So I turned to Anita, In one session she had pinpointed the issue and proceeded to teach me how to help Tango. I've learned so much not only about Tango but also myself; not only with the rearing issue, but it helped Tango and I understand one another better, for a better bond. Thank you Anita for all your help! -Veronica

Carol Brey

Anita is a knowledgeable, patient trainer and instructor. I have been taking lessons for some time, and came to A.N.D. Stables with basically no real knowledge of horses. I am not exactly young, but have always been interested in horses and now with my kids on their own, have more time to devote to learning about horses and riding. Anita was so patient with me and so encouraging. She has really helped me to learn about horses, riding and to develop self confidence.  She is very intuitive and really knows horses. Most importantly she respects the horse. Her love and devotion to her horses and dogs is evident, and is reflected in her work. I appreciate her dedication and sensitivity and recommend A.N.D. Stables for people who love and appreciate horses.

Serena Doe

Anita thank you so much for all you've done for Lilly and I. She's a different horse and I feel so connected compared to before! Even after riding her for a year! I can't believe after only 3 lessons with Anita how much my horse has changed for the better! She is totally different! Last night we even showed at a fun show at Bounds and I received a 4th! Anita is awesome as is my 'NEW' horse!

Mary Lou and Dan

We took two Rocky Mountain horses (that had been left to their own devices for awhile) to Anita and she was able to get them gaiting again and teach us about what to look for in their gaits. They both became more relaxed and responsive to hand and leg cues with Anita's training. We saw steady progress and the included lessons transferred the necessary skills to us.

Anna Peacock

I started working and taking lessons from Anita many years ago and shortly after I started half-leasing one of her horses.  When I started riding at A.N.D. Stables I knew how to get on a horse and just ride around.  What I didn't know was the correct and proper way to effectively ride.  Since then she has taught me many techniques and has improved my riding skills significantly. From what I have learned from Anita in the past years I have grown as a rider and also have become very successful at shows.  I can go into a class with over 30 entries and win the entire class.  She has increased my confidence level as well as my knowledge and willingness to learn and gain more experience. I would highly recommend A.N.D. Stables to anybody pursuing lesson instruction, training, or boarding.

Kimberley Long-Ewing, Ph.D.

I highly recommend AND Stables for riding lessons. Anita is an excellent teacher who emphasizes good horsemanship, excellent technique, and the importance of a good relationship between horse and rider. Her methods are well-grounded in equine science. The horses are healthy and well cared for. They are eager to interact with people. My son has gained self-confidence that has rippled out into all areas of his life.

Janice Nechkash

Anita is THE best teacher for your little kids. She is kind, sweet, patient and knowledgeable about teaching safety and equine skills. I highly recommend her. I am planning to take my 4 year old grandaughter soon for lessons. I used to do foster care and she taught my foster kids the basics and really built up their confidence and made a beautiful impression on them. Anita is great!

Stacey L Saari

I would like to recommend Anita DiModica as a horse riding instructor. I have known Anita for 15 years. I first met her when moving to the Madison Area and boarding at her stables. I was impressed by the way she kept her barn, pastures, and most of all her horses. Her focus on the horse’s well-being and the teamwork between horse and rider allows both the rider and the horse to enjoy their ‘jobs’.

She has known my daughter, Allison (10), since birth. We started doing infrequent lessons with Anita when she was age 5 for a few years. Then, about 2 years ago lessons began on a regular (weekly/biweekly) basis. Anita is very patient with both her and our horse. She is also able to push them when necessary to achieve new goals, doing so in a very encouraging and kind manner. She has the ability coach Alli through any challenges they face with ease. Allison LOVES Anita as her instructor and has really excelled over the past year earning several overall high points in her age division at local open horse shows.

As a lifelong equestrian myself, I love that Anita emphasizes and teaches my daughter the basics of being a team with her horse. Anita is great at explaining the ‘why’ behind what she is teaching in a way my daughter can relate to; this helps her appreciate the reason she needs to execute her aids clearly and consistently in a way her horse can understand. As an adult, I also take lessons from Anita. She has helped me work through getting myself back into ‘riding shape’ and with exercises to help train and supple my own horse. She is always willing to help and provide her vast knowledge to help us work through issues that may come up.

I would, and have, happily recommended Anita DiModica for riding lessons for both young and old. Her vast knowledge of our equine friends and ability to breakdown how we can best become a team with them is priceless.